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My story

I was born and raised in Arenzano, a small fishing village on the Ligurian coast  a few miles away from Genoa where, from an early age, the sea had a strong pull of me, so much that it conditionated my choises and lifestyle.

What prompted me to move permanentely to the Island of Elba were not only my origins but the typical island lifestyle and the beauty of its landscape, each time capable of arousing emotions. The link with the Sea has always been a strong bond, whether i was in Liguria where i was bord and raised, or on Elba at my grandparerents' house where i spent my summer holidays. I don't know what prompted me to choos the School of Environmental Sciences with a marine major, certainly a sort of distress- despite my good results- toward the School of Engineering in which i enrolled immediately after high school. It must have been all thouse mathematical formulas that convinced me that it was much more interesting to do and discover the " Life of the Sea ". 

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